We All Died in Vietnam by Michael Ireland

*See attached audio

When you are 20 years old you think you are invincible and can do anything.  You have dreams, aspirations and expectations and all the time in the world to fulfill and accomplish them.  

When our country called us we answered that call, for most of us serving in the military and going off to war were not one of our dreams or aspirations, but we were invincible and could do anything.   

This attitude only lasted till our first fire fight and we faced our own mortality.  Our dreams, aspirations and expectation of what we thought our lives were going to be died in that far off country.

  The only thing we had to hang onto were our memories of what had been. 

The next thing we lost was our moral virginity.  We found ourselves doing things we never could have imagined just to survive and take care of each other. 

We were not fighting for god and country we were fighting to save ourselves.   

With this new reality came the start of the insidious psychological Wounds of War that have been a part of us for the last 50 years.  These are festering wounds that we all carry in some form or fashion.

  We have carried this burden for so long that it has become a part of who we are, yet we yearn for something more.

With the advent and introduction of new VA programs centered on the individual and the Arts and Humanities we may have a chance to set our burden down and start to heal from these Wounds of War. 

Only time will tell.